Welcome to Leroy, Betty & Co.!

As most of you are aware, until recently I ran a small handmade jewellery business called Cats & Whiskers. When we adopted our chihuahuas six months ago, my focus started to shift and I wanted to blog about and make more than just jewellery. And so, Leroy, Betty & Co. was born.

This space is going to be a place to blog about things I love – my dogs, creativity, reviews and anything else that’s on my mind.  It’s also a space to share updates on my handmade business where I’ll be making and selling a bunch of different things including jewellery and pet accessories.

I want this to be a place that evolves and changes and where I’m free to make and blog about what I want.  I think in the past I have limited myself to focusing on just one thing and that’s where I’ve gone wrong.

And so it begins.  Make sure you like Leroy, Betty & Co. on Facebook and follow on Twitter.  Also please subscribe using the options on the right sidebar.