With the Christmas season coming up, I’ve started gift shopping for my family.  When I say family, that of course includes Leroy, Betty & Murphy.

While I haven’t bought them anything yet, I’ve compiled a small list of some of my favourite gifts for pets this Christmas.

1. The Jungle Pet Bowl by Evie Kemp.

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I’m a huge fan of pretty much anything Evie Kemp creates.  She has a great eye for colour and isn’t afraid to try something new.  The Jungle ceramic pet bowl (modelled above by Pebbles) is super cute and I love the colour!

The Jungle Pet Bowl is available for $49 on Evie’s website.

2. A gift box subscription from NZ Dog Box.


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NZ Dog Box is such a great idea.  You can subscribe to a monthly delivery, or make a one-off order for a gift box for your dog.  Each gift box contains 5-6 premium treats/toys for your dog, and if you subscribe the items in the box are different each month.  Best part is the boxes differ depending on the size of your dog.  Such a great idea – my two play with completely different toys than a much bigger dog.

Visit their website for more information on their boxes.

3. Some biscuits from Droolies

Droolies Biscuits are a perfect treat for dogs.  They are made with natural, free range, fair trade ingredients, so you can be sure there aren’t any of the nasty additives found in some store bought food.  Also, 50 cents from each bag purchased is donated to charity.

Buy Droolies Biscuits from their website.

4.  Leanlix  

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Leanlix is a great idea.  It’s a healthy way to reward your dog without feeding them too many calories.  Each Leanlix contains enough for more than 5000 licks so it’s definitely value for money!

Buy Leanlix from Puss & Pooch.

5.  A denim vest from Pet Haus

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Pet Haus is easily one of my favourite pet apparel brands.  Leroy would look so good in one of their denim vests!

Visit Pet Haus’ website.

Do you buy Christmas gifts for your furry family members?