I recently won a competition through Puss and Pooch for Leroy & Betty to taste test a new treat being released in NZ soon called Yaky Charms.

Photo 5-07-15 3 09 29 pm

Yaky Charms are like a popcorn for dogs.  They have just four ingredients and you cook them in the microwave.  This YouTube video has some more helpful information.

I love the originality of these treats, in particular the packaging.  They come individually packaged and you pop the bag into the microwave, just like real popcorn.

The instructions are a little bit vague – it says to cook them for at least one minute but up to three minutes, and to listen for the popping of the treats to stop.  I couldn’t really hear the treats popping so I let the treats cook for just over a minute.  About that time, instead of popping, I heard a crackle.  I looked in the microwave and the bag was ON FIRE!  I quickly stopped the microwave and threw the whole bag into some water.

I was determined to try again, and to get it right.  Second shot I let them cook in the microwave for around 50 seconds.  This time I did hear a faint popping, and stopped the microwave once the popping lessened.

I poured the treats into a bowl.  It was strange, only about half of the treats had popped, yet the bag was slightly burned again.  Possibly I was doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what.  However, enough had popped for Leroy and Betty to try some.

Photo 5-07-15 3 16 20 pm (1)


I gave Leroy and Betty a couple each to try and they loved them!  Betty scoffed them quickly, and Leroy (who only has half the amount of teeth that he should have) managed to eat some slower but still easily.

Photo 5-07-15 3 17 14 pmPhoto 5-07-15 3 16 56 pm (1)


I left the leftovers in a bowl on the kitchen bench, then found Murphy with his head in the bowl!  They have some dairy in them, and Murphy loves anything dairy related.

Photo 5-07-15 3 21 41 pm

Yaky Charms seem to be a healthy, light treat for dogs, and, with some practice, easy to prepare.  Leroy and Betty loved the taste, and the fact that Leroy found them easy to eat was a big bonus for me.

These will be available in NZ from August.