I have managed to meet some wonderful, talented people through Twitter.  One of the people I’ve been lucky enough to get to know is Tara Sutherland.  Tara is a very skilled photographer and specialises in pet photography.

As Tara isn’t based in Wellington, I’ve had to admire her photos from afar, mostly on her Facebook page and her Instagram account.  She has an amazing skill at capturing a pet’s personality in the photo, and managing to make the photos look natural and not posed at all.

Late last year, Tara was in Wellington for a weekend.  We booked in for a photo session for Leroy and Betty with her at Evans Bay.  Leroy and Betty were pretty shy of Tara at first (as they are with most people they haven’t met before), but she knows exactly how to work with the animals to help them come out of their shells and feel comfortable, so pretty soon they were settled enough for some great photos.

I was so happy with the photos that I actually cried when I saw the first one!  They are gorgeous photos and capture both Betty and Leroy’s personalities perfectly.  Tara’s love for animals shines in her skill working with the animals and in the photos taken.


Tara is back in Wellington at the end of April, and is available for photo sessions. If you’ve ever thought about having professional photos taken of your fur babies, I highly recommend booking a session.

Wgtn_Charlie-1000x813You can see more of Tara’s amazing work on her website and Facebook page.