Month: December 2014

Leroy & Betty

In May this year, a friend tweeted that there were several chihuahuas at the Wellington SPCA.  I used to have a chihuahua called Tommy, who unfortunately died young, and they’ve always been my favourite dog breed.


So when I saw this tweet, Aaron and I jumped straight in the car and headed to the SPCA.  I walked into the dog area and was in shock.  Rather than the several chihuahuas that I thought would be there, the SPCA had 60!  There were puppies, adult and elderly chihuahuas, and pretty much every colour and length of fur you could think of.

I was hooked.  I needed another chihuahua as part of our family.

We spent an hour there that afternoon, right until the SPCA closed for the day.  We then went back first thing on Sunday morning.  Overall, I think I spent 4-5 hours there that weekend.  During that time I got to know many of the dogs; we got to know their personality traits – which were playful, the bullies and the shy ones who wanted to escape the noise.

Both Aaron and I fell in love with one of the puppies – a wee girl with a stripe on her head.  The name the SPCA had given her was Ariche.  That evening, after much discussion (well, begging on my part), we decided to adopt her.


Monday during our lunch break we headed back to the SPCA to fill out the adoption papers.  When we arrived, my mum was there, holding a two year old boy chihuahua who had just arrived.  She made the very good point that it wouldn’t be fair to have just one dog as she would need company.

We got to know this little boy who was pretty shy and timid but seemed lovely.  Betty (we had chosen her name by that point) seemed to like him so we decided to apply to adopt both of them.


Later that week, we were able to take them home.  They have been part of our family for six months now and I’ve loved every moment of it.


A few months ago I managed to find out a bit more about their history.  I won’t go into too many details on here as it’s pretty horrible, but I will share a small amount.

These 60 odd chihuahuas (plus a pug and some griffons) lived in a house with one lady.  They were free to run around in the house.  None were desexed, so the numbers kept increasing.  Their waste was not cleaned up so they were living in it.

Betty has been fine over the last six months.  A bit timid at times but as she is still a puppy she recovered quickly from her previous life.  However, as Leroy was two years old when he left that environment, he has been a bit more work.  When we adopted him, he was underweight – because of his very shy nature I don’t think he managed to get to the food very often.  As he was used to going toilet anywhere and everywhere, the toilet training has been a bit of work, and he is still slow to warm to people.  He has a very lovely nature and loves to cuddle, and it makes me so happy to see him coming out of his shell.  A couple of months ago he started wagging his tail for the first time.  It’s still a very awkward wag but it makes me so happy to see it every time.


I’m so glad we adopted Leroy and Betty, and every day I become more and more happy we have them in our lives.  They’re the best of friends for each other and for us.

Places like HUHA and the SPCA do amazing work, so please support them if you can.

Food Review: Deluxe Diner

I’m a big fan of American diners.  I love the pies, the burgers and the bottomless coffee.  So I was excited to discover an American style diner just a few doors down from the hotel we stayed at in New Plymouth in the weekend.

Our first visit to Deluxe Diner was on Friday evening for dessert.  The second we walked in, I knew I was going to love it there.  It was packed and the atmosphere was exactly what you’d expect from a diner – red leather booths, walls lined with 50s memorabilia, there was even a jukebox in the corner.


We were seated at a booth opposite a large cabinet full of pies.  While I had intended to only have a coffee, the pies looked amazing so Aaron and I shared a huge piece of pumpkin pie.  It was perfect.

Pumpkin Pie

To drink, I had a decaf long black (delicious), and Aaron had a snickers milkshake.  The milkshake was thick, yum, and even had half a snickers bar on top!

Snickers Milkshae

Next morning we headed back to Deluxe for breakfast.  We both had scrambled eggs on toast with gherkins and either bacon or sausages.  The servings were ample and everything was delicious.  I had a bottomless coffee that reminded me of the coffee at diners in the US, which was exactly what I was after.

The menu is varied and everything is well priced.  They have plenty of ways to customise your meal, including many gluten free options.

Customer service was top notch.  We were well looked after and my coffee mug was always full.

I can’t wait to return to New Plymouth to visit Deluxe Diner again.

Visit their website for more info.


Welcome to Leroy, Betty & Co.!

As most of you are aware, until recently I ran a small handmade jewellery business called Cats & Whiskers. When we adopted our chihuahuas six months ago, my focus started to shift and I wanted to blog about and make more than just jewellery. And so, Leroy, Betty & Co. was born.

This space is going to be a place to blog about things I love – my dogs, creativity, reviews and anything else that’s on my mind.  It’s also a space to share updates on my handmade business where I’ll be making and selling a bunch of different things including jewellery and pet accessories.

I want this to be a place that evolves and changes and where I’m free to make and blog about what I want.  I think in the past I have limited myself to focusing on just one thing and that’s where I’ve gone wrong.

And so it begins.  Make sure you like Leroy, Betty & Co. on Facebook and follow on Twitter.  Also please subscribe using the options on the right sidebar.